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Clean Room

La salle blanche de CachanEquipments included within the clean room allow the realization of micro-sized and nanoscale circuits for microfluidic and/or optoelectronics applications. This platform includes equipments allowing thin films deposition, photolithography, dry and wet etching and metrology. To control the technological processes, the materials characterization platform could be used at each step as well as for analysis of the final device.

The cleanroom, with an area of 50 m², a cleanliness class of 100 000 and with controlled values of humidity (50%) and temperature (21°), allows the realization of telecom, optical and microfluidic components. Processes can be adversely affected by small particles: Reduce particulate contamination and control of other environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity and pressure are compulsory. The equipments present in the cleanroom allow the realization of components using top-down processes.

Three main technological steps are used to produce components:

  • Thin film deposition by spin-coating and dip-coating methods, evaporation and sputtering (PVD).
  • The patterning of thin films by photolithography, wet and dry etching.
  • Metrology by profilometry and microscopy.

The platform provides technical support to users and training on the different equipments depending on the technological steps to be used in the research project.

The equipments of the clean room contribute to the realization of internal or collaborative projects:

  • IDA projects: six projects are labelled "IDA" for the 2015-2016 period. Among them, 3 projects require the use of the clean room:
    • FluoChimp (SATIE / PPSM project)
    • LipoChip (SATIE / LPQM project)
    • MicPAD (LPQM / LBPA / PPSM project)
  • Projects carried by a laboratory of the ENS CACHAN.
  • Collaborative projects involving outer public / private partners for the realization of research projects or technological steps within the framework of industrial or public contracts (IEF, LAC, IGR, EDF, EADS, LNE, Centrale Supélec, Paris university 13 Villetaneuse)


Equipements list

  • Spin-coater
  • Langmuir-Blodgett trough
  • Evaporation and cathodic pulverisation system
  • Optical lithography (MJB3 et MJB4)
  • Reactive ionic etching system
  • Profilometer
  • Optical microscope
  • High resolution photoplotter

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L'ensemble de ces équipements sont regroupés dans la salle Blanche de Cachan située au rez-de-chaussée bas du bâtiment d'Alembert.

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Equipements mis à disposition de l'Institut d'Alembert par le LPQM