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Optoelectronic and RF Systems component

The purpose of "Optoelectronic and RF Systems component", a part of the characterisation technical platform in d'Alembert Institute, is to develop experiments in the domain of photonics and microwave systems. That concerns applications such as telecommunication (for example radio-over-fibre) or sensing applications.

Equipment of "Optoelectronic and RF Systems component" are installed in a laboratory of 35 meter square, organised around an optical table of 1.5 m*2.4 m. Two work area gather several measurement instruments. A second optical table (1 m*1 m) is equipped with a stereo microscope and micro-positioning stages enabling optical coupling realisation. It is also possible to develop instrumentation systems around DSP starter kits, to design electronic boards, and to program measurement instruments with a graphical interface software. In association with CAD software it is possible to go from RF component design, so far as to study a photonic and microwave system including characterisation of components and devices. Different classical basic components are available both in the RF domain (like RF amplifiers up to 20 GHz, mixers, power-splitters, RF couplers and RF filters ...) and in the optical domain (like optical fibre spool and patch cables, optical couplers, polarisation controllers and isolators). Concerning optoelectronic devices there are electrooptic modulators (10 or 20 GHz from Photline and iXblue), and photodetectors 40 GHz (U2t). Beside classical laboratory instruments the laboratory has also a RF spectrum analyser (Agilent Technologies, PSA, up to 44 GHz), a RF analog generator (Agilent Technologies, 20 GHz) and a four channels 500 MHz oscilloscope (Rohde & Schwarz).

Projects under development:

Currently the "Optoelectronic and RF Systems component" in d'Alembert Institute is implementing an optoelectronic oscillator system, for developing different topologies and sensing applications around chemical sensors. These projects under development are supported by "IdEx LaSIPS" of Paris-Saclay University, in cooperation with C2N laboratory in Paris-Sud University.

Contacts :

Equipments list:

- RF Agilent generator E8257D (20 GHz)

-  Agilent PSA4446A (44 GHz) spectrum analyser

- Rack 8163B : accordable laser 81940A (1520-1630 nm) & photometer 81636B (InGaAs)

- Compteur HP53131A (option 3GHz)

- Oscilloscope RTM2054 (Rohde & Schwarz)

- Function generators


ENS Cachan, d'Alembert builiding (room P3-03)

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