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Research Laboratory

Supramolecular and Molecular Photophysics and Photochemistry (PPSM)

UMR 8531 CNRS - Sciences


Address :
61, avenue du Président Wilson
94235 Cachan cedex
Email :
Web site :
Phone :
01 47 40 53 38
Fax :
01 47 40 24 54
Root structure :
Laboratories and Institutes
D'Alembert Institute (IDA)

Area(s) of research

  • Photo- and electroswitchable molecules and materials
  • Synthesis of new compounds with specific optical properties (Bodipy, tetrazines)
  • Organic materials for optical information storage and for microscopy
    Image scientifique (laboratoire PPSM)
  • Synthesis of fluorescent and/or photochromic materials, functionalized nanoparticles with specific optical properties
  • Functionalization of carbonaceous materials, conducting polymers
  • Fluorescent probes for heavy metal ions and pollutants recognition
  • Synthesis of bio- and photoactive molecules (sugars, aminoacids, nucleosides, organometallic complexes with azobenzene...)
  • Microfluidic devices for microanalysis of the controlled synthesis of nanoparticles


Molecular photonics, photoswitching, fluorescence, sensors, nanocrystals, microfluidics, laser photolysis, plasmonics, photochromism, electrochemistry


Master's degree : Master Erasmus Mundus Monabiphot (ENS Cachan, multidisciplinary), Master's degree of University Paris-Saclay (Chemistry)


    Chemistry labs for organic synthesis
    NMR (400 MHz)
    Microscopy (AFM, SEM)
    Evaporation frame for thin layer deposition
    Optical bench for measurement under irradiation
    Spectroscopies (UV-vis, fluorescence, scattering)
    Time-resolved spectroscopies (absorption, emission, TCSPC)
    Fluorescence microscopy (confocal, TIRF ...)
    Fast electrochemical set-up and SECM
    Quantum chemical calculations (Gaussian 09)


University collaboration

  • Physical chemistry laboratory, Université de Paris 11, Centre d'Orsay.
  • Institut Lavoisier, Université de Versailles St Quentin en Yvelines.
  • ICMMO, Université de Paris Sud, Centre d'Orsay.
  • ITODYS, Université de Paris VII.
  • LCC, Université de Toulouse.
  • LMPC, ENSC Mulhouse.
  • Laboratory of selective organic synthesis and natural products, Institut Jacques Monod
  • ENSCP, Paris.

International cooperation

Prof. N. Farfan  (CINVESTAV) (Mexico) - Prof. Tsuyoshi ASAHI, Department of Applied Physics, Osaka University, Suita (Japan) - Dr. Jianfu Ding, ICPET/NRC Ottawa (Canada) - Prof. John Reynolds, Department of Chemistry, University of Florida (Gainesville, Florida) - Prof. J. Zakrzewski, Department of Organic Chemistry, University of Lodz (Poland) - Prof. Eunkyong Kim (South Korea) - Prof. He Tian and Prof. Weihong Zhu, ECUST (Shanghai) - Prof. Jiannong Ye and Prof. Jie Tang, ECNU (Shanghai) - Prof.  Heinz Langhals, Department Chemie (Munich, Germany) - Prof. Boris Trofimov, Irkoutzk University, Russia - Prof. Hidearu Ushiki, Laboratory of Molecular Dynamics and Complex Chemical Physics, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (Tokyo, Japan).

Industry cooperation

  • P. Audebert, Laurent Galmiche, Cécile Dumas and G. Clavier. Contract with Dacral for the improvement of corrosion resistant coatings for automotive parts applications. Contract in progress since September 2003.
  • R. Pansu, I. Leray: Contrat with Thales R&T for materials research into the development of explosive sensors (2005-2009)
  • R. Pansu, P. Audebert: Contract with Genewave for the study of thin layers and nanocrystals for DNA biochip manufacturing systems.

Other information

PPSM works in partnership with the D'Alembert Institute.

Other parent laboratory


Key figures

  • 17 teachers-researchers and researchers
  • 10 doctoral students
  • 7 Engineering technicians 

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