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Constituent units

D'Alembert Institute is a federation of four consituent units (ENS Paris-Saclay - CNRS) reaching very varied fields from physics to biology through chemistry and applied physics:

Dates of d'Alembert Institute

  • 1st  January 2002. Creation of IFR121 by the Misnistery of Research

  • 17 October 2007 Lauching of the new building IDA

  • January 2010. Affiliation as CNRS FR3242

Research fields

      • Elucidation of fundamental phenomena in the field of cell biology and throughout understanding of molecular mechanisms underlying pathologies (cancer, VIH, neurodegenerative diseases...)
      • Development of new biological imaging methods with high spatial and temporal resolutions, molecular photonics
      • Design, development and characterization of molecular and biomolecular nanostructures for labelling (optical, magnetic...) of active biological entities
      • Design and development of new bio-microsystems for diagnostic, therapeutic or screening purposes


          Since September 2007, d'Alembert Institute uses a new building dedicated which brings together most of the part of common equipments (platforms, meeting rooms, learning centre...) as the most part of teams from laboratory of biology (LBPA) and a team from SATIE.

          This building was funded by Conseil Régional d'Ile-de-France, ENS Cachan, Conseil général du Val-de-Marne and CNRS (for scientific equipments).

          The cafeteria, place of work and conviviality, place of science


          Director: Bruno Le Pioufle
          Secretary: 33

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