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projets IDA 2022-2023


Project LuMIn, LPS, CNRS

PLASmonic Metasurfaces for Optical Ultrafast Sensors

Coordinator:  Bruno Palpant

CESI biofilm monitoring

Project LuMIn, LGPM, CentraleSupélec

A Combined Electrical, Spectroscopic and Imaging tool to monitor photosynthetic biofilms.

Filming the birth of a crystal

Project LuMIn, SPMS, CentraleSupelec, PPSM, SATIE

Coordinator: Robert Pansu


Project PPSM, BioCIS, CNRS

Photoswitchable and multivalent glycosides for light-controlled carbohydrate - lectin interaction.

Coordinator: Joanne Xie


Real-time 2-photon imaging of extracellular K+ in neural tissues using new tailored synthetic chemosensors

Project LuMIn, PPSM

Coordinator: Jean-Pierre Mothet

Digital ultra-fast antibiotic susceptibility test

Project LBPA, LuMIn

Fast, size-controlled synthesis of CeO2 NPs by microfluidics

Project PPSM, IDA, LGPM, CentraleSupélec, ISMO, CNRS, CPBM

Coordinator: Gilles Clavier


Project LuMIn, LMPS

Coordinator: Clément Lafargue


Projects LuMIn, LMF

Predictive modeling of the synergistic effect of a microalgae-bacteria co-culture in a microfluidic system - for an improved bioenergy process


Projects LuMIn, C2N

Quantum sensor based on nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond nanopillars for imaging neuronal electrical activity at high spatiotemporal resolution


Projects  PPSM, CNRS, LuMiN

Dual Opto-Electrochemical Single MOlecule REactivity : a microfabrication approach