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Realization of Desired Plasmonic Structures via a Direct Laser Writing Technique.

Tong, Q. C., Luong, M. H., Tran, T. M., Remmel, J., Do, M. T., Kieu, D. M., Ghasemi, R., Nguyen, D.T. & Lai, N. D. (2016). Journal of Electronic Materials, 1-7.

We present a recent investigation of fabrication of desired plasmonic structures. First, the polymeric templates were realized by a simple and low-cost fabrication technique based on direct laser writing with a continuous-wave laser source. The plasmonic structures have been then realized by two methods, namely, a combination of gold evaporation and lift-off techniques, and a combination of gold sputtering and thermal annealing techniques. Each method presents its own advantages. Numerous metallic submicroand nano-structures have been realized, which should be very interesting for different applications, such as high-transmission bandpass filters, plasmonic data storage, and plasmonic photonic devices.