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N-Oxyamide-linked glycoglycerolipid coated AuNP for receptor-targeting imaging and drug delivery

Chen, N., Yu, Z. H., Zhou, D., Hu, X. L., Zang, Y., He, X. P., Li, J. &Xie, J. (2015). Chemical Communications.

The synthesis of a series of new N-oxyamide-linked glycoglycerolipids and their assembly with gold nanoparticles for receptor-targeting imaging and drug delivery are reported.

We have synthesized a new series of galactoglycerolipids and glucoglycerolipids.
Considering their amphiphilic properties and cellular targeting ability, the synthesized glycocerolipids have been used to self-assemble with a gold nanoparticle (AuNP). The produced AuNPs coated with galactoglycerolipids have been proven effective for receptor-targeting hepatocellular imaging and drug delivery. This study provides an insight into the construction of glyco-materials for
target-specific disease theranostics.