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Seminar IDA - Tho NGUYEN, University of Georgia, USA

On March 20, 2023

10h30 - Amphi Dorothy Hogkin -

The Institut d'Alembert welcomes Tho NGUYEN, University of Georgia, USA, to give a seminar "Fast Optical and Electrical Sensing of Hydrogen Using Templated Control of Nano-hydride Geometry and Magnetic Composition"

The use of hydrogen (H2) fuel as a clean and renewable alternative is one of the most practical solutions for the already serious fossil-fuel shortages, global climate change, and air pollution. However, significant challenges remain with respect to the safe deployment of H2 fuel sources because H2 is the smallest molecule, is extremely prone to leaks, and has relatively low ignition energy in a broad flammability range. This is a serious barrier preventing its widespread adoption. Unfortunately, particularly robust sensors for H2 leak detection and concentration monitoring has not been achieved. To this end, we have developed a class of lightweight optical, magneto-optical, and electrical H2 sensors based on a metasurface of Pd alloy nano-patchy particle or nano-hole arrays.
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Seminars and conferences
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ENS Paris Saclay,
4 avenue des sciences
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