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Seminar Garcia Fernandez, University of Sevilla

On October 12, 2021

José M. García Fernández, Institute for Chemical Research, at the University of Sevilla will give a seminar entitled "Oligosaccharide-based nucleic acid delivery: precision chemistry for precision medicine", October 12th 2021, 11 am, at IDA.

Garcia Fernandez

Garcia Fernandez

Cyclodextrins (cyclomatooligosaccharides, CDs), can be considered as cyclic pieces of the maltodextrin chains of starch. They are composed of glucose monomers with linkages that feature a troncoconic torus with a hydrophobic inner space and a hydrophilic exterior. This unique type of amphiphilicity make CDs capable of including a variety of guests in the cavity and improve their solubility (and often their stability) in biological media, which has been largely exploited in the pharmaceutical industry. Most interestingly, CDs can be chemically modified to build nanosized multifunctional systems with (hierarchical) self-assembling, biological recognition and/or stimuli responsive properties. The incorporation of CDs in linear and star-type polymers and dendrimers has been realized. Through precision macromolecular synthetic methods, full homogeneity can be preserve, thereby accessing monodisperse molecular nanoparticle-type entities. The strategy can be extended to de novo synthesized (cyclo)oligosaccharides, further expanding the palette of customizable supramolecularly-competent platforms. The amalgamation of diastereomeric purity and multifunctionality (as natural proteins do) is particularly appealing in the biomedical feel. Examples of oligosaccharide-based systems with programmed drug/gene delivery properties will be presented [1-6].

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Biographical sketch José M. García Fernández
Jose Manuel García Fernández is Research Professor at Institute for Chemical Research, a mixed centre of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the University of Seville, were he served as Director since 2009 to 2017. During 2018 he assumed the National Coordination of the Chemistry and Chemical Technology Area of the CSIC. He has co-authored over 250 scientific articles, is co-inventor of 19 patents and has supervised 22 PhD Thesis. Current targets of the laboratory include the design of self-assembled glycocarriers for drug and gene delivery, the development of glycodrugs targeting defective glycoconjugate processing enzymes for the treatment of metabolic and age-related diseases and the implementation of new technologies for the preparation of prebiotic oligosaccharides as functional food ingredients.
Place(s) :
Amphi Lagrange (bâtiment Nord 1Z14)

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