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LabEx NanoSaclay Annual Meeting

«LabEx NanoSaclay», interdisciplinary laboratory of excellence in Nanosciences and Nanotechonologies on Campus Paris-Saclay, is coordinated by the Scientific Partnership Fundation of Campus Paris-Saclay. It has the support of major research and training institutions located on the Campus (CNRS, Universités Paris-Sud et Versailles-Saint-Quentin, CEA, Ecole Polytechnique, Institut d'Optique Graduate School, Supélec, Ecole Centrale Paris, ENS Cachan, ONERA, INRIA, Synchrotron Soleil ainsi que Thalès).
NanoSaclay brings together around 340 physicists, chemists and biologists from around thirty laboratories on Saclay site, to constitute a multidisciplinary and reactive cluster of international size, reactive, able to answer to many essential, economic and social stakes in the fields of information processing, health and environment.
LabEx NanoSaclay is organized around three leading projects, defined for its first 4 years:
  • Quantum and Spin-based nanoelectronics
  • Nano-drugs for the treatment of severe diseases
  • Nanophotonics, Nano-objects for energy control

LabEx NanoSaclay is organizing its annual meeting on next June, 11th.
Groundbreaking results of projects supported by the LabEx, as well as major actions in training and promotion. will be presented.
It will also be the opportunity to exchange about the LabEx's operating, and its close future.

Registrations are mandatory to participate at this meeting.
Registrations are closed.


Day proceedings

From 9am to 6pm at ENS Cachan, d'Alembert Building, Marie-Curie Theater

  • Talks and Presentations by  LabEx Nano-Saclay, Idex Paris Saclay heads
  • Talks about supported projects by LabEx- Flagship, Promotion, Emergence,
  • Reliability chair
  • Nano-SHS Interface
  • Training

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