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Institut d'Alembert seminar - Microfluidics and numeric simulation

On February 7, 2024
09:15 - Welcome Coffee
09:30 - Presentation by Zhengyu Zhang
10:30 - Presentation by Samuel Marre
11:30 - Presentation by Arnaud Erriguible

The Institut d'Alembert is organizing a seminar on microfluidics and numeric simulation. On this occasion, the IDA invites: Samuel Marre (ICMCB - UMR5026), to talk about "the microfluidic approach to the study of deep environments". - Arnaud Erriguible (I2M - UMR5295 - ICMCB), to talk about "A complementary digital/experimental approach to the study of nucleation phenomena". - Zhengyu Zhang (LuMIn-UMR9024), on "Solvent focussing in microfluidic". IDA Seminar program

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Seminars and conferences
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Welcome Coffee : 1Z34
Séminar : 1Z34
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    Secret code: 57771559

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