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CyToCap, first spin-off from IDA for the expertise of « rare circulating cells detection in the peripheral blood »

Since its foundation in 2002, the IDA has been driving multidisciplinary projects leading to the emergence of new concepts, processes and technologies.

In the field of Biomicrosystems and Health, Detection and Characterization of rare cells in the blood: circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and subpopulations - endothelial, stem cells etc. is now a major project in cancerology, managed by Phuong-Lan Tran, thanks to her works, led at IDA's since 2003.

The development of a « mesofluidic » immunosensor, CapCelTec®, led to an original and competitive « medical device ». In the international competition and thanks to the multidisciplinary interface of the project, a main guideline of IDA's scientific policy, CapCelTec®'s differentiating features rely on a unique multiplex mesofluidic concept on a standard microscopy glass slide.

CyToCap's expertises in CTCs now move towards the industrial market. Since 2009, hosted at IDA (ENS Cachan), CyToCap Inc. offers the diffusion of CapCelTec®, devised by its two founding partners, Phuong-Lan Tran and François Breton, 2010 laureate of the Young Engineer of the Year award (Usine Nouvelle magazine and National Council of French Scientists and Engineers - CNISF)
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PL Tran PhDs - President and CSO:
F Breton - CEO:
Tel : +33 (0)1 47 40 29 88
Fax : +33 (0)1 47 40 21 51


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