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Photoswitchable and multivalent glycosides for light-controlled carbohydrate - lectin interaction


Bacterial infection is a growing health problem due to antimicrobial resistance among others. Infection occurs by adhesion to a host cell or tissue through receptor-ligand interaction between bacterial adhesins (lectins) and oligosaccharides at the cell surface. We envision to synthesize various multivalent glycosides containing azobenzene as photoswitchable ligands to investigate their interactions with the bacterial lectins (LecA and LecB) involved in the Pseudomonas aeruginosa lung infection and thus protecting the lungs from infection in an anti-adhesive strategy. Structure-binding affinity between different valences, between differently substituted azobenzene derivatives and in particular between E and Z-azobenzene isomers will be investigated. We hope to find some multivalent and photoswitchable glycosides displaying significantly different binding affinity between E and Zisomers so as to reversibly control the carbohydrate-lectin interaction through light illumination. 


  • Joanne XIE