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Digital ultra-fast antibiotic susceptibility test

Digital ultra-fast antibiotic susceptibility test


Obtaining rapid results from antibiotic susceptibility tests (ASTs) is critical for guiding clinical decisions on patients suffering from bacterial infections, especially in the case of sepsis. Moreover, the misuse and overuse of antibiotics contribute to the global increase of antimicrobial resistance. The project aims to develop a rapid, sensitive and versatile AST that provides a result in less than one hour. Currently, ASTs and drug discovery programs rely on time-consuming drug-induced growth inhibition methods (> 12 hours). We developed a technology that allows determining the sensitivity of bacterial samples to antibiotics by monitoring a novel metabolic signature in real-time. The objective is to transpose this assay into microdroplet reactors generated by microfluidic devices in order to push the limit in speed and sensitivity. Confinement properties of the microdroplets and the high throughput of the analysis will decrease the time to result of AST to less than one hour and allow screening of drug-producer microorganisms for discovering new antibiotics.


  • Dominique FOURMY
  • Abdel EL ABED