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Fluorescence Spectroscopy of AdamBODIPY Single Crystals

Liao, Y. Y., Melissen, S. T., Audibert, J. F., Vu, T. T., Clavier, G., Méallet-Renault, R., ... & Pansu, R. ChemPhotoChem, 2(2), 72-80.

The interest for the fluorescence of organic solid state is increasing with the development of nano-sensors, of aggregation induced fluorescence and of piezochrom crystals. We have analyzed the luminescence properties of flat single crystal of a BODIPY derivative with micrometric dimensions. The Frenkel exciton model applied to this crystal predicts one band. From the time resolved fluorescence spectra, we can distinguish three emissions including two traps. These attributions are confirmed by the study of the polarization of these emissions. Thus the two red-shifted bands are related to well defined defects with specific orientations in the crystal. Fluorescence lifetime imaging shows that the density of these defects is not uniform and that under our growth conditions, they are more concentrated in the initial steps of the growth